6 Important Tips To Design A WordPress Website Effortlessly

6 Important Tips To Design A WordPress Website Effortlessly

WordPress actually makes web design very easy. With all the available themes and plugins, you hardly ever need to do the design completely by yourself. However, it is still important to keep certain elements in mind when you’re creating your own website. These handy tips will assist you to successfully design a WordPress website.


How to design a WordPress website

There are millions of ways you can design a website. Some of the designs will look better than others. Here are some guidelines you can follow to design a stunning WordPress website:


  1. Have a mobile-friendly design

More people access the internet from their smartphones than with computers, and the numbers just keep increasing. Having a mobile responsive site is very important – it makes you look more professional and doesn’t irritate your visitors.


  1. Sidebars are old-fashioned

It’s very old-fashioned to use sidebars on your website. Rather build longer pages, allowing people to scroll through them.


  1. Text size matters

Larger font sizes have the ability to grab the visitors’ attention and focus it where you want it to be. This also makes it easier for people using their mobile devices to read the text on your site.


  1. Choose three main colours

And stick to it! Choose one of the colours to be your “action colour” – use it wherever you require an action from the visitor (also referred to as call-to-action).


  1. Simplify navigation

You don’t want your visitors hanging around on your website with no idea where to click. People don’t like concentrating too much while navigating a website. You want to make the next clicks as obvious as possible.


  1. Don’t compromise on image quality

The higher the quality of the images, the more professional your site will look. Don’t overdo it, however, you don’t want to end up with a website that takes forever to load and uses all of your visitors’ data. Recommended maximum image size is about 300kb, so it’s a good idea to compress and optimise your images.