7 WordPress Website Examples

7 WordPress Website Examples

Many people are still under the impression that they can only use WordPress for blogging. This used to be the case, but WordPress has a much broader scope now. To fully understand how powerful a tool WordPress is, we want to show you a few WordPress website examples.


First of all, WordPress is open source software you can use to create beautiful websites or apps in addition to great blogs. If you need a website for your business, you should consider using WordPress. Because it is so easy to use, you can even consider learning how to do it yourself. Also, it’s the most popular open source Content Management System out there!


To fully understand what WordPress can offer you, you need to see what your website can potentially look like. WordPress is fully customisable and is, as a result, a very powerful website builder. The first example is the site you are currently viewing. That’s right, we used WordPress to¬†build this WordPress Training 101 website!


WordPress website examples

Here are some more examples of businesses with websites built on WordPress:


wordpress websiteLearnEx Corporate Training

LearnEx is a corporate training company that offers courses to fill skills gaps in certain industries. The content of the courses is built on a WordPress website with the use of a plugin. This is called a Learning Management System, or LMS for short.



wordpress websiteWork.Train.Fight

A popular boxing gym in Pretoria, Work.Train.Fight, uses WordPress to communicate their class schedules and pricing to the public. They have a built-in booking form where you can book your free trial lesson to see whether you would like to become a member. They also include a complete sign-up form on their website



Elite Online Solutions

As a digital marketing agency, Elite Online Solutions uses WordPress to display the services they offer. They have an onsite blog where they give especially relevant information related to digital marketing that anybody can use for their businesses.



wordpress websiteFundisa

The Forum of University Deans of South Africa (Fundisa) serves as the voice of South African nursing and midwifery education programmes in higher education. They use their website as a communication platform. They display information about news and announcements, conferences, professional development, and scientific journals.


wordpress websiteInkhazi

Inkhazi designs workspaces for companies. They assess the needs of the customer and provide solutions with the latest technology and modern furniture. Furthermore, they display their catalogue on their website for easy reference.



wordpress website examplePixel8

Featuring an online store, Pixel8 is a nice example of an e-commerce website. WordPress offers e-commerce functionality in their paid plans, so if you need an online store for your business, this is the way to go. It also allows for payment integration.



wordpress website examplesTime

Time is an American weekly news website and it is styled like an online magazine. It features breaking news stories, as well as a magazine section and a section with videos. They post all kinds of news, from science and politics to entertainment and sports.




Learning WordPress

In conclusion, the best thing about WordPress is that it’s easy to use and fully customisable. You can save your business money by learning to use WordPress yourself. You can even learn WordPress and become a freelance web designer.