How To Add Blog Posts To Your Site

How To Add Blog Posts To Your Site

Congratulations on registering your account and setting up your domain! Now we will discuss how to go on from there; firstly, how to add blog posts.

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The first thing you will see after clicking on the “View My Site” button, is a page where you will be able to customise your website and add blog posts.



Optional: Accessing the dashboard

If you’re enrolled in our WordPress Training 101 course, you’ll be able to follow the videos to some extent. Please note that the videos are actually aimed at a self-hosted site, so there you will learn much more detail than you need to know if you’re just interested in writing blog posts.

If you plan on following our videos, you will need to access your dashboard. To do this, open your browser, type in your URL and add /wp-admin to it. For example, ours would look like this: This will take you to the back-end of your website where you will be able to follow the videos.



The easier way

If you don’t plan to follow the videos, there is an easier way to add blog posts and customise your website. On the left side of the page, you have a menu. There you can click on “Blog Posts”. At the top of the page there are two headings, “Published”, which are the articles you made visible to the public, and “Drafts”, the articles that you are working on that haven’t been published yet. You will notice that there is a demo blog post – you can edit or delete this by hovering over the menu to the right and selecting an option.



Adding a new post

To add a new blog post, click on “Add”. This will open a new page where you can type a title and the content of your blog. You can also add media like images to your blog post. If you want to see what your article would look like before you make it public, you can click on the “Preview” button at the top right corner of the page.


Below that, you will find “Post Settings”. We will discuss this in more detail in our next article.