5 Ways To Secure Your WordPress Website

5 Ways To Secure Your WordPress Website

WordPress has a bit of a reputation for not being very secure. However, there are a few easy measures you can take to secure your WordPress website from attackers.



In the event of a website catastrophe – and you cannot fix it – your website is only as good as your last backup. When we’re talking about backups, we mean both your files and database backups.


Security begins at home

One of the things that many people overlook when dealing with securing their own or their client’s WordPress sites is what’s right in front of them, their computers, their smartphones or tablets.


Secure install

If you want to install WordPress sites, you need to use a secure install process. Make sure that your computer environment is as secure as possible before doing your install steps. For example, we highly suggest not using a free Wi-Fi service from your coffee shop or airport terminal while installing a WordPress site. You cannot always be absolutely sure of their security, so why take the chance?


Secure hosting services

You can have all the security features in place for your WordPress site. But if they are all on an infected server in your web hosting account, then your site can still get infected. When looking for a hosting service, you want the fastest, most secure. But you also want it to be affordable.


Allowing others to work on your site

There may be times when you need somebody to have access to the inside of your WordPress site so they can do some work on it. This can be something like adding features or even fixing something, but they need administrator access. Or you’ve got guest authors that work with your site’s content as an author, editor, or contributor. There are certain steps that you should have in place in order to keep your site secure.